Strange happenings in refineries

Strange things are happening in this refinery.

Is anyone hurt?

When will we have results of those catalyst analyses?

What is really in those tanks?

Where is my sister?

Why does that French mathematician’s name keeps popping up everywhere?

Who can I trust?

When was the last time you read a novel all about an energy executive and her refining leadership team dealing with the issues faced by refineries? Last weekend I took a break from my non-fiction bias and read “13 days, the Pythagoras Conspiracy”, by Laura Starks, cover-to-cover.

Laura is a great writer, an energy economist who knows her stuff. “13 days” is a thriller about strange things happening in a refinery with offshoots spreading across the downstream industry and the continents.

It was a great weekend by the pool. This is a especially rare treat for anyone interested in the refining business.

I am on to to book two in the series about Lynn Dayton, energy executive.

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